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In today’s environment SMEs need every conceivable advantage to stay competitive. Many SMEs are limited in their ability to receive comprehensive management and strategic consulting services many large enterprises are able to obtain. Sandtony Consulting can provide solutions to the many challenges small and medium sized business deal with as they manage their daily operations and growth initiatives to optimise business performance and profitability.
We have close relations with many of the industry leading manufacturers allowing us to offer quality solutions.

However, these new requirements for IT unfortunately also mean pressure from several quarters.

The budget is an essential item in this case. In commerce there is a high level of competition and thus also intense cost pressure. The challenge here is that budgets are finite and must be met.

Compliance topics should not be neglected, either. Irrespective of whether companies act on an international or national basis, business regulations and processes must be observed within companies. Data and information must e.g. be managed and saved in an audit-proof way.

It is also important not to lose sight of company goals. IT should support business processes and not stand in their way. A smooth transition must be ensured in international companies or when it comes to merging and consolidating companies. The respective partners or departments need e.g. controlled Intranet access.

Users are also accustomed to the fact that high-performance systems are available without any interruptions, that applications are available and run stably, that they can access companies' IT from almost everywhere and at all times, that new devices, which are normally not supported, can also be integrated in the IT. This becomes especially important if you work when on the move or also from home.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Enhance business processes.
  • Improve your organization’s operational performance.
  • Improve your back-office operations.
  • Successfully complete a merger or divestiture.
  • Protect, secure and manage your physical and intellectual assets

We also have Fujitsu Select Expert accreditation for:

                    • Workstations
                    • Mobility Solutions
                    • Server Infrastructures
                    • Storage Infrastructures
                    • Client Virtualization

We can help you get the right solution to meet your current needs and avoiding compromising your long term goals. We pride our self’s on taking the time to understand your business and the needs and challenges you face so as to be able to support you now and into the future.  If you are interested in finding out more about how Sandtony could help you now please contact us and we will be pleased to hear from you.