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You can to go to the high street and pick a PC off the shelf, but what do you really get for your money? Usually cheap components from no-name manufacturers. At Sandtony we only use quality components from well known manufacturers like Corsair, Gigabyte, Kingston, WD and Asus. Along with the fact that all our PCs are built to extremely high standards and attention to detail, we guarantee a quality PC that will last for years.

Enjoy your game titles the way they were meant to be played. We build custom computers tailored to you and your gaming needs. Choose overclocked, water cooled, or up to four-way NVIDIA SLI or AMD crossfire configurations for your ultimate gaming rig. Our experience in building high performance, leading edge custom gaming computers and we have specialised experience in creating the best gaming desktop computers available. If you’re not sure which components would be best for your custom gaming PC or which configuration would fit your budget. We can help you figure out what would be the best gaming pc for you based on your budget for now while optimising the return on your investment with an eye on your future requirements.
What games do YOU want to play and is it just for gaming?

There are a lot of different games out there that require varying levels of hardware also if you need your system to perform other tasks as well that have different requirements, the good news is that we can custom build a custom gaming PC tailored to these needs. If you're just playing flappy birds, you don't need a four-way video card solution with lots of RAM and four 4k displays! However, if you want to play the latest hard core first person shooter with all effects maxed, that's another story. To fully enjoy a demanding PC game, you’ll need a top gaming computer. It will vary from game to game, but we can help you build the best gaming computer based on the games you like to play. Some game franchises like Call of Duty play well on a wide range of hardware, while others don't.


Once you know the type of gamer you are, the next most important question is what size monitor you want to game on. For instance, a game that plays great at 1280x1024 resolution on a midrange card but if you're going to be playing it on a 30" monitor at 2560x1600, you'll be very disappointed. In fact, 30" gaming at Extreme High Definition (XHD) resolutions then you are the realm of multiple video cards and high performance gaming computers. This is where you want to seriously consider top gaming computer options like dual, triple or even quad-graphics solutions; otherwise you'll be disappointed with the frame rates. It could be that for now you cannot get the system you really want but you need to be sure what you are getting is the best step on the way to getting to your ultimate goal.
Your Budget?

Making sure you get the best value for your budget is a key objective of our team. If you've only got a small budget for your new custom gaming pc, we have to make sure you're getting the right balance of CPU, Memory, and GPU performance - too much of any one of those three will make you compromise on the others thereby hindering the performance of your custom gaming pc! Sometimes it's good to take a step back from that latest and greatest CPU so you can spend more money on the GPU - and you definitely don't want your gaming system to choke on too little RAM. If you're going to be playing at higher resolutions, you'll be GPU bound. That means your GPU will be stressed more than your CPU - and a faster CPU will be idle waiting for your GPU to finish what it's doing. In this case it's better to drop down that CPU and spend more money on a GPU. Furthermore, if you're not getting enough RAM (4GB is a minimum and goes up depending on your computing style) your gaming PC will have to use the page file on your hard drive, significantly decreasing performance as textures and game data have to be cached on the slower hard drive instead of read from the much faster system memory. We have the expertise to build you the ultimate gaming rig tailored to your budget and your gaming preferences.

Customer Service

We believe in great customer service. Our highly knowledgeable staff are happy to take your calls and e-mail queries. We can usually answer your queries within just a few hours. We will always do everything we can to make sure you are 100% happy with your new PC so we don’t send out any PC until we’re 100% happy with it.

As your ongoing requirements develop we are only a phone call or e-mail away. Whether you need that extra boost for the latest game or to speed up your boot time, we’re always here to give advice on what components to use; and the chances are we stock them too. We’re an easy one stop shop for all your PC needs!